About us

Bestway Grupp is organising road transportation between Estonia and Europe.

Since 2007 we are well known on the Estonian transportation market and so we have grown. We mainly offer road transportation service between Estonia and Europe where every marketplace is unique.

Today the business environment, where competition is growing day by day, forces companies to focus more on main activities. Bestway Grupp focuses on trustworthy and flexible transportation service between sender and receiver. It’s because everyone can buy a truck. Everyone can have different certificates. Everyone can invest into IT-systems and buildings. Everyone can sign contracts. We do all that.

But we have something more which makes Bestway Grupp different from others – our people.

We are smart and skilful, we care about all our clients and their shipments, we find possibilities, we are easy to talk to and in general an awesome team!

Our people are the Bestway Grupp or as we love to call it – BWG!We transport a smile on your face!