The company has such rock-solid partners in Denmark that I never have to worry about goods reaching their destination 🙂 They’re always able to come up with quick solutions – even when things go way off script! 🙂

Kirsi – Bed Factory Sweden

I’m so, so grateful to BWG and so proud of everyone who works there! They’re my first choice every time, since I’m sure my stuff will get to where it needs to go and that they’ll give me the best offer. I’ve had the chance to speak to quite a few of the people who organise the transport side of things, and they’ve always been great and handled everything I’ve thrown at them. We’ve been to hell and back a couple of times together and they’ve delivered everything in one piece every time. For me, in the Purchase Department, it’s super-important that there’s at least one transport company that’s like my right hand and that I can always rely on. The offers, the ETA, the pick-up times, the way they deal with my suppliers’ warehouses and communication generally with me and BWG, it’s all great. They’re always super-quick to deal with any problems that crop up as well. Working with BWG has been smooth sailing all the way from my point of view. I’m eternally grateful to everyone in the company. And not just me, either – everyone here in Terviseabi! You’re such an integral part of what we do, so thanks for all your hard work! 😊


They’re quick to come up with solutions and always keep you in the loop. Thumbs up!

Tanel – MS Balti Trafo OÜ

When we started working with the Bestway Group, it was very humble beginnings. But since then they’ve become an everyday part of what we do. They’re fast and flexible, and find solutions to suit every situation. Over the last three years we’ve come to trust each other, and we’re sure to keep working together in the years ahead.

Evelin – Vincom OÜ

What makes a good transport service for us is polite service, sticking to deadlines and promptly dealing with any issues that arise. On all those fronts, the Bestway Group offers us a first-rate service!

Merle – Leipurin Estonia AS

We’re averaging three export loads a week with BWG, so we’ve almost fused into one at this point! They (and Marika in particular) have really stepped up with everything that’s been going on in the world, where new restrictions can come into effect overnight. We couldn’t ask for a better partner. Dealing with them is always quick and easy. We definitely recommend them, and like I said, Marika in particular, who I’m most familiar with.

Vahur Vannik – Trade Builder Baltic OÜ

Kiili Betoon has been working with the Bestway Group for almost 10 years now. They’ve been a very reliable partner to us in exporting, especially Marika Tiru, who’s never let me down. Even if I’m about to go on holiday and I give them the names and dates of when certain things have to reach certain people, sometimes even weeks in advance, I never have to worry – it always turns up, right place, right time. There have been times too where something needed to be in Finland the next day, and Marika has almost always pulled it off. The company’s been of great help as well in transporting things around Estonia. I hope we keep working together just as effectively and worry-free for many more years to come.

Andrus Steinbach – Kiili Betoon OÜ