Over time the most popular transport routes have taken shape around Europe. Below you’ll find interactive links for weather and road conditions in various countries.

These links are a useful tool for logistics specialists, particularly in winter and when natural events create difficulties.

Check back on this page to stay up to date with the latest conditions, whether travelling alone, with family or for any other reason.

Search for the country you’re interested in and click on the link:

Austrian road conditions: http://www.oeamtc.at/portal/verkehrsservice+2500++1095812?env=YmRsPXdpJnN1YnR5cGU9dWViZXJzaWNodA
Austrian weather: http://www.wetter.at/

Italian road conditions: http://www.autostrade.it/autostrade_en-gis/gis.do
Italian weather: http://www.meteo.it/?dayref=1&tabref=temp&refresh_ce

Polish road conditions: http://www.gddkia.gov.pl/pl/21/mapa-warunkow-drogowych

German road conditions: http://www.adac.de/reise_freizeit/verkehr/aktuelle_verkehrslage/default.aspx
German weather: http://www.wetter24.de/

Slovakian road conditions: http://www.zjazdnost.sk/map/view.html
Slovakian weather: http://www.meteo.sk/

Finnish road condition: http://www2.liikennevirasto.fi/alk/tietyot/tietyo_1.html
Finnish weather: http://en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi/

Czech road conditions
: http://www.dopravniinfo.cz/
Czech weather: http://www.chmi.cz/portal/dt?portal_lang=en&menu=JSPTabContainer/P1_0_Home

If you’re looking for the same information about another country, look here:: www.highwaymaps.eu